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When you get an account with OtherWorld, you will have access to a library of utility programs and special HTML codes that add functionality to your web-site. These utilities have been developed by Other-World development staff as well as existing customers who like to share their work. Here is a brief summary of some of the functions that you can use. For a complete list, please refer to our UTILITIES PAGE.

Cold Fusion:
One Time Set-Up $75.00 per ODBC connection.
Is a Web application development tool for use with OtherWorld Hosting Services. With Cold Fusion, you can create a wide variety of dynamic-page Web applications for commerce, collaboration, communication, interactive Web sites, and Intranet system. Cold Fusion provides an easy-to-understand server-side markup language, a powerful application server, and a complete framework for Web applications including access to ODBC compliant databases.

Forms Processing:
When you create forms using HTML, the data that is captured by the forms need to go somewhere. OtherWorld gives you the option of Emailing the results to an address and dumping the data into a database that can be downloaded periodically.

Image Rotation or Random Picks:
This utility will let you have an image and/or text on your page that will change randomly or sequentially everytime that page is loaded. The image and/or text that will be shown will be selected from a list that you can specify. One common use for this is to include banner advertisements on your pages.

Server Parsed Codes:
These are codes that, when entered into your page, display dynamic information. For example, the number of hits, date, time, and others. You can also use these codes on a form as hidden fields to capture the following information:

Date and Time - Formatted and unformatted
Referring page URL - Can be used to display a 'true' Back Button Client Address - Displays the Client IP Address or Current Resolved Name Text/Graphic Counters, Browser Sections (HTML sections displayed based on browser)

Custom Programming:
We are also willing to write any type of utility that you would need, if this could be made available to all our customers. These programs will be available free of charge. It will be up to our discretion to decide which program can be done free of charge.

Terms of Service
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