Terms of Service
Search Engine 'BLAST Submissions':
*Included with your gold account set up fee. OtherWorld spends hours going through lists and lists of search engines, making sure that your site is duly represented on all of them. There are currently over 500 such Search Engines, Directories and Online Mall sites that we get you listed with. We go through the full forms to list all of your pertinent information with each site.

Search Engine 'REFRESH Submissions':
OtherWorld recommends that your site be re-indexed or re-submitted to as many Search Engines as possible as often as possible. To ensure that your site is listed among top sites, let us re-submit your site(s) monthly.

Search Engine Result Priority Services:
When you get submitted to the search engines and directories, your information is lumped in with thousands of other companies. When a potential customer does a search for your products or services, you want to be the first one that is displayed. OtherWorld can help you get there with our 'Result Priority Services'. Through a variety of mechanisms OtherWorld is able to capitalize on the different methods that various search engines use to push your company higher and higher in the resulting list. We will also consult with you to make slight changes to your pages that can increase your search matching percentage.

Other-World's Banner-Trader Service
Other-World has acquired 'The Banner-Trader' Banner Trading Services and can offer discounts to our customers for banner advertising. We will also give free advertising credits to all customers who sign-up for the service. Just sign up as a Banner-Trader Member, upload your banner and paste the Banner-Trader Code on your page, then email your Member ID to receive your free credits!

Banner Ad Creation Services:
OtherWorld can design a banner advertisement for you. We have talented professionals available who are experienced in putting together the essential elements needed to capture an 'Internet Surfers' attention in the limited space available on a banner advertisement and the limited time you have their attention.

Mega Blast:

The Other World Internet Solutions Mega Blast Service is here to provide users with an easy to use list manager to blast out email messages to customers/friends (No Spam). It automatically removes people from the list that want to be removed, and also gives you the ability to remove people from the list manually. Being a Web based application, you have the ability to manage your list from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Our Special Introductory Rate is $.005 per mail message sent. With a one-time setup fee of $50.00 you can start uploading your list today! Then simply purchase the number of 'postage stamps' that you require and you're on your way!

Promotion Consultations:
OtherWorld can consult with you on different ways and means to achieve your promotional objectives. We can provide you with invaluable technical information on common and uncommon methods used to increase your exposure throughout the net. We can help you format the pages on your website so you can use the latest techniques to increase your matching percentages and resulting precedence. Lets work together to build a steady stream of traffic to your site.

Link Exchange Banner Blast Service:
Have your custom banner blasted out to as many as 100,000 other web sites! A "click here" banner works well out on the net with the right message, to the right customers. We at Other World Internet Solutions help you get blasted through the Linkexchange at a reduced rate! We have the negotiation power to get you the best rate possible! No hassles, No headaches! Just aggressive banner advertising targeted to your audience! Please call for the most recent pricing.

Web Site Link Research & Negotiation (recommended every month):
Spinning a web of links that generate traffic to your web site is a time consuming task! We at Other World can solve that problem! We will do the research, and negotiation of links to your web site for you! We will use your banner ad, or text link, to link to dozens of web sites every month to provide you the quality traffic you need for quality leads, and sales! Massive traffic to your site is good, however massive traffic of quality prospects is even better!

Major Search Engine Banner Advertising (minimum investment-$2000 - $5000):
We fight hard to get you the best rates for premium banner advertising space on; Yahoo, AltaVista, AOL's Netfinder, etc. We have the negotiating power to do it, since we advertise with these major Search Engines with multiple clients! Call us, and get more advertising for your buck! No need to haggle, because we have done that already for you! Rates change periodically, so call for latest pricing information.

Service DescriptionPricing
Search Engine 'Blast' Submissions$100.00
(first submission included with Other-World Web Site Hosting)
Search Engine 'Refresh Blast' Submissions$100.00
(Recommended Monthly)
Search Engine Result Priority Service$250.00
(Recommended every other Month at the minimum)
Banner-Trader ServiceFREE!
(Additional free credits included with Other-World Web Site Hosting)
Banner Ad Creation Service$100/per ad
Animated Banner Ad Creation Service$150/per ad
Promotion Consultation$95/hour (1 hour min)

Terms of Service
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